Connect Ed:  Return of items May 26, May 27, May 28, May 29.


Good evening parents and students, as promised here is the schedule regarding locker clean out and item drop off.

Tuesday, May 26th from 9:00 – 2:00

Students grades 9 – 12 with lockers only, including PE lockers are allowed on campus to clear out your lockers and to return textbooks, library books and phase #2 packets.   This day is only for those students with lockers. Don’t forget to bring your textbooks, library books and your phase # 2 packets with you when you come to clear out your lockers.

Wednesday – Thursday  May 27 – 28 from 9:00 – 2:00

Students without lockers will turn in your textbooks, library books and phase # 2 packets.  You may come anytime between 9 – 2.  Please note that there are make-up times, if you can’t return your textbooks during this week.  These times will be announced later.  So once again Weds and Thursday those without lockers will return your textbooks, library books and phase #2 packets.

And then on Friday May 29th – Laptop return will take place from 9 – 2.  Please make sure you return all laptops and charging cords during this time.  Please note that if there is a scheduling conflict on Friday, you can always turn in your laptops earlier that week. 


Please note that all CDC and social distancing requirements will be in effect so be patient as we work through this process.  Masks are always recommended for all students entering the campus