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Volusia CHATS! on Twitter Tuesdays!
Ready for a great Twitter Tuesdays chat?  Join Twitter-verse on Tuesday, October 30 from 7:30PM – 8:30PM for the first chat of the year! 
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All are welcome!
Janice Weiner, District Classroom Management

Volusia eLEARNS! Thursday PM Webinar Series: PLCs Part III – Growing Your PLCs
Join us for our Volusia eLEARNS! webinar series on PLCs.  PLCs Part III – Growing Your PLCs will focus on PLC Collaborative Cycles, Learning Walks for PLCs, and much more
Register on MyPGS using section number 84740.  For more details click THIS flyer. Questions? Contact Meg Roa

Reading Endorsement
Daytona State College School of Education offers a stand-alone Reading Endorsement that can be completed online.
The endorsement and coursework is fully approved through the DOE and it requires only three classes for out-of-field teachers in reading.
Please click here for course and registration details. Questions? Contact Dr. Joy Lewis, Daytona State College

Online Resources
As we focus on the educational shifts, have you considered whether you are giving each of your students what they need in order to meet grade-level standards? Each of us plays a critical role in our educational system that helps build equitable environments that liberates all children. Lacey Robinson, UnboundEd’s Chief of Program and Engagement, has more than 20 years in education as an educator, principal, and staff development specialist with a focus on literacy, equity, and school leadership. Please listen to Lacey’s story which she delivered at the Summer Standards Institute in July 2018, titled, Footlocker and Fridays.  (Full Keynote Speech)  or ( “Shiloh” excerpt from Keynote Speech)

Renewing Your Teaching Certificate and PD Points Frequently Asked Questions
How many inservice points do I need to renew my Professional Educator’s Certificate?
You must earn 100 inservice points and 20 ESE points for a total of 120 points per 5-year validity period, more details can be found at FLDOE.  For questions about TemporaryCertificates, please contact Tiffany Walker.
Which ESE points will count towards renewal?
The FLDOE specifies that ESE points earned as a Teacher can be banked after July 1, 2014, meaning any unused ESE points earned after July of 2014 will carry forward towards your next renewal period. 
How do I see my inservice and ESE credits for this validity period?
To see how many points you have this validity period please view your credit bank in MyPGS
How do I search for available Professional Development on MyPGS?
To search for PD in MyPGS click on the “Search PD” tab.  Click here for more details.
I have attended a VCS training, why are my points not showing in MyPGS? 
Please contact your section’s facilitator to see why the points were not awarded.  It is possible that the facilitator did not award points for certain trainings, has not closed the roster, marked you absent, or did not receive a follow-up activity that was necessary for you to submit before you can be marked complete. 
I have attended workshops/clinics/professional development outside of VCS- how do I get points for this?
For PD within your validity period- please fill out the PLIEE form and attach the certificate of completion or agenda showing dates and hours of training.  Send this to Sarah Dowdellso that she can enter your points.   
I have completed or taught a college course during my validity period, can this be converted into points?
Yes, up to 6 semester hours of college/university classes that you have taught or classes that you have completed and earned at least a C during your current validity period may be converted to inservice points.  One semester hour equals 20 points.  Please attach required verification to the application in the links above and send this to Sarah Dowdell.
How do I get my PD from my previous out-of-county school entered on MyPGS?
If you wish to have inservice credits you earned in another Florida school district transferred to Volusia County you must contact your previous county to request this. The official transfer form should be sent to Sarah Dowdell at [email protected] or mailed to:
Sarah Dowdell
Professional Learning & School Improvement
Volusia County School District
PO Box 2118
DeLand FL 32721-2118
I am ready to renew my Teaching Certificate, what do I do next?
Employees can go to ePortal, click HR, then follow the instructions on the Certs & Licenses tab; using this method will notify HR.  Non-employees can recertify through theFLDOE and email [email protected] to let HR know to upload your points to the DOE. 

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