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Kristy Garthwaite

Literacy Teacher

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English II & English II Honors


Pre-AICE/Cambridge English Language (9th Grade)


What assessments will my student take?
Students will take the statewide assessments that correspond to the courses and/or grade level in which they are enrolled. Therefore, students in 9th grade will continue to take the FSA ELA assessment as well as their state assessments such VLT and DIA. Students who have enrolled in the Cambridge program will be responsible for taking the Pre-AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) assessment. Students in Pre-AICE English Language will sit for Paper 2 and Paper 3 - details of these papers are listed on the course syllabus. Return to Top
How much homework will my student have?
Homework in the AICE/Cambridge courses will be qualitatively different, not quantitatively different than standard advanced level courses. For example, if a student in an advancedEnglish course is assigned 2 chapters of a novel for homework this does not mean that the Cambridge Secondary English course will have a homework assignment of 4 chapters. Instead, the Cambridge Secondary Englsh course may also have 2 chapters that will challenge students to delve deeper into their understanding and application of the thematic concepts. The additional rigor of the Cambridge Secondary program does not necessarily equate to more homework. Return to Top