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Pamela Hicks

EnglishTeacher, Literacy Dept.

Welcome to English III

Welcome to English III and English III Hon. If you would like to know what was done in class or what is being planned for class, please consult the "This Week" agenda and "Last Week" Agenda posted in the classroom, or feel free to email me. . Be aware that plans may change due to unexpected situations. Please email me with any questions; I try to answer within 24 hours.


If you would like to receive reminders/notifications on your phone through texting and be able to contact Mrs. Hicks through texting, you will want to join the Remind 101 for your group--English III (4th per.) or Eng. III Hon (all other classes). You will find the instructions on how to join in the Files labeled "Syllabus and Lesson Plans". Be sure you are adding your name to the correct class group. Parents, you are welcome to join the group to which your student belongs as well.

4th Quarter

This quarter is centered around the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzerald--a novel written in the 1920's which reflects America in the 1920's as no other. Therefore, we will be researching the decade of the 1920's and teaching one another what we learn. Our information will be documented in a class newspaper--The 1920's Gazette--which includes 7 pages of American culture of that decade. This research, informational writing, and oral presentation of information will preview the context of the novel before we read it. We will continue our exploration of the background of the novel with a documentary of the author, F. Scott Fitzerald, on which we will take notes as well. As we read the novel, we will once again analyze the literature for author's purpose, choice of rhetoric and stylistic devices, as well as character and theme development throughout. We will end the quarter by applying our knowledge of the decade and the novel at a Gatsby Party located in our classroom-turned-speakeasy. Finally, we will compare the interpretations of the novel done by film producers throughout time. 

Please note the daily lesson plans and powerpoints posted at the end of each week to keep informed of makeup work or instructions you need. You can also use the Remind 101 or webmail to contact me about anything specific. Please remember that formative work must be made up within 24 hrs. of the deadline, and time is short for any retakes on summatives this quarter. If any formative work cannot be made up individually at a later time, students will be excused from that assignment. Otherwise, appointments should be made to meet me at lunch for makeup help.

While we will be reading the novel together in class, I will post websites below on which the book can be read in pdf format without charge to make up or refresh any reading done.

Gatsby Party

On Friday, May 4th, classes chose their Gatsby Party character to play at the summative (50 pts.) Gatsby Party Presentation to be held on Friday, May 18th, during each class period. Students also received the rubric for success on the assignment (a copy can be found in handouts section below). They were given a choice as to how they wanted to contribute to the party, and signed up accordingly. Please understand that students are not required to purchase anything in order to score successfully; there are service contributions as well as material contributions which can be made. Character dress can also be handmade using paper and/or any other supplies or wardrobe already possessed by the student. The concentration is on explaining the choices based on textual evidence (from the 1920's research or from the novel) and presenting that knowledge in dress, behavior, and speech. If you have any questions between now and then, please don't hesitate to email me or contact me through Remind 101. If you were absent on the day parts were chosen, please let me know as soon as you are in class again so you can sign up for a character and contribution and begin working on your party presentation as soon as possible.

*Seniors will be exempt from this assignment, as they will not be present at school from that day forward.

Finals Weeks

These last weeks of school are on a finals schedule. On May 14-17, we are on a finals schedule for seniors to take their finals. The juniors will be using the time to set up for Friday's Gatsby party (for a formative grade) and watch the Gatsby movie. This is also the final week for makeups or rewrites on Honors VLT papers or retakes of the Gatsby written summative, if desired. These rewrites and retakes must be taken during lunch times Monday through Thursday (the 14th through 17th). Friday, May 18th, is a regular bell schedule day in which all Gatsby Parties will take place for a 50 pt. summative grade.

Monday and Tuesday, May 21st and 22nd, are regular bell schedule days, and Wed., May 23rd is early release bell schedule. These three days will be used for review for the final (EOC) which counts 10% of the quarter's grade, and turning in all stamps earned for participation this quarter (a formative grade). Thursday and Friday, May 24-25, will be on finals schedule, with 1st and 2nd period taking finals on Thursday and 3rd and 4th periods taking finals on Friday. Monday, May 28th is a holiday; Tuesday, May 29th is on finals schedule for 5th and 6th period finals, and Wed., May 30th, is early release schedule, with 7th period finals in the morning. Grades are due on noon, May 31st.