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Pamela Hicks

EnglishTeacher, Literacy Dept.

Welcome to English III

Welcome to English III and English III Hon. If you would like to know what was done in class or what is being planned for class, please consult the "This Week" agenda and "Last Week" Agenda posted in the classroom, or feel free to email me. . Be aware that plans may change due to unexpected situations. Please email me with any questions; I try to answer within 24 hours.


If you would like to receive reminders/notifications on your phone through texting and be able to contact Mrs. Hicks through texting, you will want to join the Remind 101 for your group--English III (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th periods.) or Eng. III Hon (2nd and 6th periods). You will find the instructions on how to join in the Files labeled "Syllabus and Lesson Plans". Be sure you are adding your name to the correct class group. Parents, you are welcome to join the group to which your student belongs as well.

English III should join by using the following link on their smartphones:

English III Hon. should join by using the following link on their smartphones:

New Procedure for Lunch Tutoring or Makeups

Any student that needs to see Mrs. Hicks during lunch for makeup, tutoring, or retesting will need a pass to enter the building. Students should get the pass from Mrs. Hicks the day before. The building will be locked shortly after the lunch bell rings and will remain locked the rest of the lunch period. If students need to enter after that time, they must show the pass to an administrator who will unlock the door so the student can enter the building. Lunch time help is still available only Monday through Thursday.

4th Quarter, weeks 1 and 2 and Overview

Week #1 of this quarter had a unique start due to having a substitute for four of the five days. However, all assignments done with the Gatsby vocabulary are posted below under "Assignments" so that make up work can be accomplished for anyone who missed them. Students will have one week to make up what was missed due to absence during week #1. Week #2 starts with background information about the author and time period of our novel to give us a better context of comprehension when reading. When we begin our novel The Greeat Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, we will be analyzing the American Dreams of the principal characters and finding text evidence to help write a summative analysis essay upon completion of the novel. We will also be broadening our vocabulary as we read and learn new words from each chapter. Some of our formative grades will be quizzes on the words, the characters, and notes for the final essay. Honors classes will also be observing the rhetoric of the book to help prepare for their VLT Rhetorical Analysis this quarter. All classes will have a summative grade of the novel and time period by bringing them to life in a Gatsby Party that will be based on research and text evidence to prepare for and participate in. Of course, the first summative grade for the quarter was the Personal Narrative essay or the 1920's Photo Essay project done during the final two weeks of the third quarter and due upon the return from Spring Break.

As always, remediation and retakes of of summatives from previous quarters can be arranged with Mrs. Hicks in her classroom during lunch periods Monday through Thursday.

Notes on the 1920's (week 2 and 3)

If you are absent on any of the days that we take notes on the 1920's, view the PowerPoints below to get at least 5 details for each topic. Choose details that will help you in your presentation at the Gatsby Party--information with which to dialogue with others during the party, to know how to act, speak, and relate to fellow class members that day.

You will find each PowerPoint under the section titled "PowerPoints" below.

The vocabulary formative assignment for Friday, April 5, can be found below under "Assignments". Make up work must be turned in by the end of week #3 (April 8-12).

Week #3

April 8-12 (Week #3) consisted of finishing the Notes on the 1920's (Mon-Wed) and turning those in for a formative grade. All papers were required to be turned in by Friday, April 12th, as students were directed on the PowerPoint that day; no late papers accepted.  Papers will only be accepted from students who were allowed makeup time and also absent on Friday; those students must turn in the notes immediately upon returning to class. As part of our notes, we received a Handout on 1920's Slang to help us prepare for the Gatsby Party Summative.

Thursday we played Vocabulary Bingo to review our words from Ch. 1 and 2, and Friday we took a quiz on the "boxed" words from those chapters. YOU MUST MAKE UP THE QUIZ DURING LUNCH ON MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY OF WEEK #4 (APRIL 15-18). NO MAKEUPS ALLOWED AFTER THAT TIME. This quiz is a formative grade, preparing for the reading and comprehension of the novel.

Also on Friday we received handouts and assigned characters to prepare us to write an essay which analyzes a character's American Dream as a summatie on the novel. We will take notes on our graphic organizer as we read aloud in class; we will write the essay after the novel has been completely read.

Please see the handouts and Week #3 PowerPoint below for further clarification. Please email me or come by my classroom during lunch any day, Monday through Thursday, to receive help, remediation, makeup work, and/or retesting of summative work. 

Week #4, April 15-19

This week we read aloud Ch. 1 and 2 of The Great Gastby, and some of Ch. 3. While reading, students are to write down quotes from the book and descriptions of what those quotes said about the character they are assigned to analyze. We also used Bellringer time to work with Ch. 3 vocabulary words and had a quiz on the 8 "boxed" words on Friday.

If you were absent for the quiz, you MUST make it up during LUNCH one day MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY of next week (April 22-26); after that the zero cannot be made up. Because it is a formative grade, no retakes of the quiz are allowed either.

If you were absent for reading, you need to go to the bottom of this page and utilize the links to free online resources to read and/or listen to the book. If you use the online resource for quotes on your graphic organizer, be sure to put pdf beside the page numbers.

Regluar classes--on Monday I will take up Graphic Organizers to grade how well you are getting quotes on your character as we read. These quotes will be textual evidence you will need to use in your summative essays. Do not share your work with anyone else; I want your own interpretation of the quotes. Neither person will get credit if I see that one person copied another's work. 

Honors classes--On Monday we will be using a part of Gatsby to help us review rhetorical analysis. On Tuesday, you will write your VLT rhetorical analysis in class for a formative grade. Before it is entered as a summative grade, you will have a chance to revise and improve it. On Wednesday I will collect your graphic organizers for Ch. 1-3 quotes and descriptions of your character.


Week #5, April 22-26

This week we finished and turned in the graphic organizer for Ch. 1-3; if you were not here, you will need to bring it with you to class when you return. Make up your reading using the link to the book below, and write any quotes that relate to your character. Then explain how they relate to your character in the right hand column. We received a new graphic organizer for ch. 4-9 which will be the 2nd formative grade on the organizers. On this 2nd one, though, students should write quotes that relate to the dream and in the right hand column identify what aspect of the dream (the numbers at the top can be used in place of words). 

Honors classes wrote their VLT #2 (Rhetorical Analysis) on Tuesday; Makeups can be done during week #6 during lunch Mon-Thurs. A formative grade is issued first; students can improve the score before it enters as a summative grade for the quarter.

All classes took a vocabulary test on the "boxed" words of Ch. 4 on Friday, April 26; makeups must be done during week #6 only, Mon-Thurs. during lunch. 

Week #6, April 29 - May 3 and coming assignments and due dates

Below is the information posted in class on Monday, April 29, concerning this week's homework and activities and other upcoming assignments and due dates. If you were absent, please note the cut-off times for receiving formative work.
•Mon-Tues: Finish reading/discussing Ch. 6-7
•Wed: Read  through Ch. 8 independently  (for homework or during Den Time); discuss key passages of Ch. 8 during class time
•Thurs: Work on vocab formative (due Friday) or reading Ch. 9 independently
•Friday—Read through Ch. 9 independently (for homework or during Dent Time); discuss key passages of Ch. 9 during class time --changed to formative quiz on reading of Ch. 8-9; last day to turn in vocab formative
•Vocabulary formative:  Write a paragraph using at least 10 of the “boxed” words from Ch. 5-9. (Underline or highlight each vocab. Words used.) Due: Friday, May 3
•Finish reading through Ch. 9 and 2nd graphic organizer (form.): Due date:  Mon., May 6
•Write character analysis essay (summative): Due Tues, May 14
•Decorate for Gatsby Party: during senior exam periods (formative):         May 15-20
•Gatsby Party (summative): Tuesday, May 21
•Gatsby Movie and Remediation/Retesting: May 22-24
•Stamp grade (formative): Due May 24
Final exams: May 28-31 (10% of grade)

Week #7, May 6-10

MONDAY, MAY 6TH -- GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS (QUOTES/EXPLANATIONS) OF CH. 4-9 ARE DUE IN CLASS. They will receive a formative grade on your thoroughness and insight into your quotes and explanations of how those quotes relate to your character's dream. 

This week is devoted to writing the summative essay on your character's dream. I will go over thesis statement and rubric for grading in class on Monday and begin grading graphic organizers individually in class. Because we have four den times this week, you are welcome to come to my classroom during those times as well to do writing and/or to receive directional help. Essays are due for grading on May 14th. 



Week #8, May 13-17

During class on Monday, May 13, papers and assignments will be given for the next summative:  The Gatsby Party. This summative is a "presentation" of knowledge of the 1920's setting as well as the plot and characters of the novel we have read, The Great Gatsby. The "Party" will be held on Tuesday, May 21st during each class period. Those who cannot attend will be given an essay assignment as the alternative assignement, which must be submitted by May 24th in order to be accepted. 

This week's schedule is very different, due to state testing (Den times) and Senior exams. When seniors take exams, students will be assigned activities to do in the classroom which will prepare the room for the upcoming party. They will receive a formative grade based on their participation.

As always, students who need help or extra time with assignments may come in my classroom during Den Time and during lunch Monday through Thursday of this week. 

Summative essays on the character's American Dream are due in class on Tuesday, May 14th. 

Notice about Remediation Work

•All remediation work for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters must be turned in ( rubric or paper of notification must be in tray) by May 20th. (not accepted later, even if absent)

•All remediation work and stamp grades for 4th quarter must be turned in (rubric or paper of notification must be in tray) by May 24th. (not accepted later, even if absent)

•HON: VLT formatives must be made up during lunch M-Th. or during Den Time next week (May 13-16) (no later)
Hon VLT rewrites must be done in classroom and submitted no later than May 24th.

The Gatsby Party Summative

In preparation for Gatsby Party summative, held in class on May 21st, students must turn in the rubric BEFORE the party to get any credit for the text evidence on back of the rubric.


Text evidence for the Gatsby Party rubric and alternative assignment may come from:

  • Graded notes on the 1920’s. If you use that as your textual evidence, ONLY UNCIRCLED NOTES MAY BE USED and NOTES MUST BE ATTACHED to the rubric or the essay.
  • Documentary notes from class; they must also be attached if used.
  • OR you may find your own textual evidence and put website name and URL  by the text evidence (cannot come from a photo of the movie or Spark notes or Wiki anything; must be a reliable source)
  • OR you can research the PowerPoints on my website; you must state PowerPoint name and slide# of the evidence)


Students must sign up to contribute the party; worth 25 points of the grade. Contributions can be in the form of bringing something on the list to the party or doing something on the list at the party.

Those who cannot be present at the party will be given an alternative assignment (in written essay format) which proves the same knowledge and text evidence; these essays cannot be submitted after May 24th in order to be graded, unless previous arrangements due to emergencies have been made.

Week #9, May 20-24



Tuesday is the Gatsby Party in the classroom; those absent must do the alternative essay and turn it in by May 24th.

Wednesday through Friday: The Gatsby movie will be shown for those who have completed all work satisfactorally. Those who want to remediate and retry for any summative grade in the 4th quarter may use class time and lunch times during these days. ALL WORK MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY ON MAY 24TH.

The final week of school (May 28-31) will be underclassmen finals; the final test will count 10% of the 4th quarter grade. The final for English III and English III Hon. is a test of reading (fiction and nonfiction), writing, research, vocabulary, and grammar skills covered in the standards for 11th grade English. All finals are given in the morning; the final test completes the student work for the course. No other work can be submitted for grading that week.

For Honors remediation on the VLT #2, see under "Powerpoints" below to view the remediation powerpoint shared in class on Wednesday, May 22nd.

All remediation work must be done in class or during lunch (in classroom 10-3) and must be completed and turned in by the end of the school day on Friday. 

Any shared summatives (i.e., typed and shared online) must have a paper or rubric turned in before school ends on Friday; I will not grade the work in the shared folder or in email  unless paper tells me to.

Class notes, PowerPoints, models, examples, helps