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Pamela Hicks

EnglishTeacher, Literacy Dept.

Welcome to English III

Welcome to English III and English III Hon. If you would like to know what was done in class or what is being planned for class, please consult the "This Week" agenda and "Last Week" Agenda posted in the classroom, or feel free to email me. . Be aware that plans may change due to unexpected situations. Please email me with any questions; I try to answer within 24 hours.


If you would like to receive reminders/notifications on your phone through texting and be able to contact Mrs. Hicks through texting, you will want to join the Remind 101 for your group--English III (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th periods.) or Eng. III Hon (2nd and 6th periods). You will find the instructions on how to join in the Files labeled "Syllabus and Lesson Plans". Be sure you are adding your name to the correct class group. Parents, you are welcome to join the group to which your student belongs as well.

English III should join by using the following link on their smartphones:

English III Hon. should join by using the following link on their smartphones:

1st semester

This quarter is centered around the Arthur Miller play, The Crucible. Therefore, we will be researching the original Salem Witch trials and later comparing the play and the history to modern witch hunts. We will also be comparing the interpretation through film to the original text and writing a literary analysis essay, analyzing theme or character development throughout the play. In the second quarter, we will move from colonial America into the birth of the nation and examine seminal American texts like the Declaration of Independence, Constitution Bill of Rights, and famous speeches before making persuasive speeches or essays of our own. Finally, the English III classes will examine argumentation and practice it in a VLT Argumentative Essay, while the honors classes will be learning and practicing rhetorical analysis essays, which they will write for their VLT this semester. 

Please note the daily lesson plans and powerpoints posted at the end of each week to keep informed of makeup work or instructions you need. You can also use the Remind 101 or webmail to contact me about anything specific. Please remember that formative work must be made up within 24 hrs. of the deadline, and any retakes on summatives should be done in a timely manner. If any formative work cannot be made up individually at a later time, students will be excused from that assignment. Otherwise, appointments should be made to meet me at lunch for makeup help.

While we will be reading the play together in class, I will post websites below on which the play can be read in pdf format online; it can also be found in the student textbook found in the student's VPortal under the tile "Digital Resources" and then "Houghton Mifflin".

2nd Quarter, weeks 1 and 2

  • We started this quarter off in week 1 learning the persuasive appeals of logos, ethos, pathos. In the Power Point section below you will find one that we looked at to learn the difference and to be able to spot this appeal in the words of others. We took a formative assessment on Thursday to gauge our understanding so far. Makeups for that quiz will be offered at lunch Monday through Thursday the week of Oct. 29th. We ended the week learning about rhetorical devices used by authors to effectively add power, persuasion, and/or beauty to their texts. The handouts and powerpoint used are listed below, but each student received a copy and a labeled copy is available in the classroom for those who were absent.
  • Week #2 will consist of working together to analyze the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights to understand the structure and content of both as well as any rhetorical devices or persuasive appeals used. Mrs. Hicks will be gone Monday through Thursday of that week but has left instructions for each day of the week. She will return on Friday of that week to assess knowledge learned during the first 4 days of the week. 
  • These weeks will prepare students for their first summative: a persuasion speech or essay.
  • PLEASE NOTE*******If you are absent any days of week #2, you will still be repsonsible to take the individual assessment on Friday. All materials given out in classroom are also availble here on this webpage. Students have class time and home time Monday through Thursday to complete all the activities outlined in the "Preparation for Decl. of Ind." for both regular and honors students..

2nd Quarter, week 3

During this weeek students will apply knowledge gained the first two weeks to write and present their own persuasive speech, which will be used to persuade the audience that an animal (of their choosing) should declare independence from whomever or whatever is withholding their freedoms. Students will model their speech after the U.S. Declaration of Indpendence, using persuasive rhetoric to convince. The assignment, including the rubric for grading, can be found in the "Assignments" section below, titled "Required Summative of Semester I, English III". Students will have Monday through Wednesday to write and prepare the speeches, which will be delivered orally on Thursday and Friday for their first summative grade this quarter.

Absence on one of the preparation days means preparation must be made up at home and speeches must still be ready to present on Thursday. Of course, a head start can be made this weekend (Oct. 27-28) if more time is needed for preparation, as was announced in class on Friday, Oct. 26th.





2nd Quarter, weeks 4 and 5 (Nov. 5-16, 2018)

These two weeks will be used to prepare for and write this semester's VLT (Volusia Literacy Writes) essay requirement. For regular classes, the essay will be an argumentative one. We will be reviewing and practicing with argumentation before we write the VLT.  Honors classes will be learning, practicing, and writing a new essay format: a rhetorical analysis essay, for their VLT. Because it is new in nature, students should make every effort to be in class each day for instruction and practice. Of course, if absences are unavoidable, students should make every effort to use this website's resources and communication with teacher to catch up on what was missed.

All VLT's are timed writing experiences with unfamiliar texts and are graded according to the Volusia Writes rubrics. The intial grades will be recorded in the gradebook as a formative grade. After opportunity for revisions, essays will be recorded as a summative grade for the quarter.

As always, Mrs. Hicks will be available during lunch Monday through Thursday of both weeks to help with explanation and makeups of any concepts taught or formative assessments done. 

**NOTE: On Friday, Nov. 9, a written assignment was given at the end of class for both the regular and the honors classes. This assignment is due at the end of the period on Tues, Nov. 13th. Those who were absent in class on Friday should look at the PowerPoint for this week and the handouts and assignments sections below to be prepared to complete the writing in class on Tuesday. The writing can also be done at home over the weekend. 

*Reg. Class Assignment on Paragraph about Patriot Act (see below under "Handouts/Assignments"

*Hon. Assignment on Great Dictator Speech (see below under "Handouts/Assignments"

All the handouts needed for assignments are also posted below under "Handouts/Assignments"

New Procedure for Lunch Tutoring or Makeups

Beginning Monday, Nov. 26th, any student that needs to see Mrs. Hicks during lunch for makeup, tutoring, or retesting will need a pass to enter the building. Students should get the pass from Mrs. Hicks the day before. The building will be locked shortly after the lunch bell rings and will remain locked the rest of the lunch period. If students need to enter after that time, they must show the pass to an administrator who will unlock the door so the student can enter the building. Lunch time help is still available only Monday through Thursday.

Honors Flipgrid

On Friday, Nov. 16th, the honors classes were introduced to a new posting tool called Students were assigned to post on two different topics. If you were not in class, you may do this from your phone or any computer that has video capability. The directions for signing on to your class are in the PowerPoint slides for Week #5 Honors (Nov. 13-16) posted below. Please make sure your posts are made before coming back to school on Monday, Nov. 26th.

2nd period code is: v9gtbh9

6th period code is: phz7g76

****NOTE FOR TECHNOLOGICAL PROBLEMS ON FLIPGRID: Just write the answer to the topic on paper if posting becomes impossible by due date and hand it into class the next day for credit. All topics are in a powerpoint below, if you cannot get on the cite to see the topic. 

Honors Reading, Posting, and Assessment Schidule for Wk. #6-Wk #9


Nov. 16-25: Post Introduction and Thoughts of Future on Flipgrid

Week of Nov. 25-30

M, 11/26 Introduction PowerPoint; Post to Flipgrid (Banning Books)

Tu, 11/27: Read in class:  pp. 1-24  (p. 1-11 on pdf) ; Reply to one person’s Flipgrid Banning Books post;

Wed, 11/28: Read pp. 24-48 (p. 11-23 on pdf); Post on Flipgrid (Parallel to Society)

Thurs, 11/29:Technology survey and activity; Post on Flipgrid (about Technology) (Final day to post Banning Books)

Fr, 11/30: Read pp. 48-68 (p. 23-33 –end of Part I-- on pdf) Reply on Flipgrid  to either Parallel or Technology  (Final day to post Introduction, Thoughts of Future on Flipgrid)

Week of Dec. 3-7

Mon, 12/3: Post on Flipgrid “Montag’s Character”; Read pp. 71-93 (pp. 33-44 on pdf) (Final day to post Parallel Societies and Technology on Flipgrid)

Tues, 12/4: Read pp. 93-110 (pp. 44-52 on pdf) (end of Part II; Post on Flipgrid “Lucidity”

Wed, 12/5: pp: pp. 113-136 (pp. 52-63 on pdf)

Thurs, 12/6:  pp. 137-154 (pp. 63-72 on pdf) :  Reply on Flipgrid to either Montag’s Character or Lucidity

Fri, 12/7:  pp. 154-165 (pp. 72-77 on pdf) (end of book);  (Final day to post Montag’s Character and Lucidity on Flipgrid)

Week of Dec. 10-14

Mon, 12/10: Remediation of VLT (Final day to reply to Montag’s Character and Lucidity post on Flipgrid)

Tues, 12/11: Rewrite of VLT

Wed, 12/12: Rewrite of VLT

Thurs, 12/13: Review for summative test on Farenheit (midterm exam)

Fri, 12/14: Beginning of Midterm exam schedule