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Pamela Hicks

Literacy Teacher

Department: Literacy

Classes: English 3

College Attended: Baylor University

Years at DHS: 15 years

I commit to working with students to help them achieve success this year.

Welcome to English III

Welcome to English III and English III Hon. If you would like to know what was done in class or what is being planned for class, please consult the "This Week" agenda and "Last Week" Agenda posted in the classroom, or feel free to email me. . Be aware that plans may change due to unexpected situations. Please email me with any questions; I try to answer within 24 hours.


If you would like to receive reminders/notifications on your phone through texting and be able to contact Mrs. Hicks through texting, you will want to join the Remind 101 for your group--English III (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th periods.) or Eng. III Hon (6th peiod).  Be sure you are adding your name to the correct class group. Parents, you are welcome to join the group to which your student belongs as well.

English III should join by using the following link on their smartphones: (or by using the app and the class code hd4fb3)

English III Hon. should join by using the following link on their smartphones: (or by using the app and the class code h8fah)

Procedure for Lunch Tutoring or Makeups

All makeup work will be given during lunch on Wednesdays of each week. Any student that needs to see Mrs. Hicks during lunch for makeup, tutoring, or retesting will need a pass to enter the building. Students should get the pass from Mrs. Hicks the day before. The building will be locked shortly after the lunch bell rings and will remain locked the rest of the lunch period. If students need to enter after that time, they must show the pass to an administrator who will unlock the door so the student can enter the building. Office hours are the last 10 minutes of lunch only Monday through Thursday.

3rd Q summative on Poetry and Thoreau

The first summative for the quarter for both regular and honors classes was given in week #2. Half of the summative contained 25 objective questions about the American Poetry and Thoreau's "Walden" that we covered in class. Makeups for that will be held each day during lunch on Week #3 (Jan. 21-24). The second half of the summative is an assignment to "write" a poem, using Whitman's form, which reflects a personal theme about today's America. Instructions for the assignment are posted below in the section entitled "Handouts/Assignments". This poem is due for grading by the end of the school day on Friday, Jan. 24. Computers should be available in Mrs. Hicks's classroom during lunch if needed to complete the assignment. Students may also work on the assignment from home. Please email me with any problems before the due date so arrangement can be made without penalty.

3rd Q Summatives on Research and Informational Writing

Weeks four and five of the third quarter are devoted to the skills of researching and writing informational text. After reading informational text on the problems of tenement housing of the early 1900's in our textbooks, students selected their own social injustice of today's society to research and write about. The regular English III classes first practiced writing informational text with a VLT (district timed writing assessment) Informational essay. They were given 90 minutes to read text material and respond to the writing prompt in a multiparagraph essay. The score will be recorded for district data and as a summative grade in the gradebook. Students may receive intervention and unlimited time to try again to improve the summative grade if they desire.  (Honors students took their VLT of rhetorical analysis writing during the same time frame, also a timed writing and summative grade.) Then students began their research of distinguishing reliable resources of information and photos; regular classes are assembling Photo Essays on PowerPoint to present, and honors students are compiling a research paper in MLA format.

Student should note the model notetaking, PowerPoint (for regular classes), and research paper (for Honors classes) below, as well as the PowerPoint of instructions on writing in MLA format. These models are good examples of required work for these summatives.

Regular classes should have PowerPoints ready for presentation on Friday, Feb. 7, and Honors classes should have papers ready for submission on Monday, Feb. 10.

A formative grade will be taken on Thursday, Feb. 6, to assess completion of necessary steps required from class each day of project in week #5.

3rd Q, Week #6, Feb. 10-14

This week students were able to receive intervention on their VLT #2 writing so they could rewrite for a more successful grade, if needed. Thursday and Friday's classes were devoted to time for rewrites of VLT's, catch up on missing work, remediation and retesting of any other summative grades thus far in the quarter. After this point, students will need to come during lunch hour on M, W, and F for remediation or makeups. No formative makeup work will be given or allowed after March 6th; after that time, all missing formative grades will remain that way. Opportunity to retry on any summative work will remain open until final exams begin in the fourth quarter.

Last week to make up missing work for the quarter

This week, March 2-6, is the last week to make up missing work for this quarter. Opportunity is given during lunch Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for any makeup work that needs to be done in the classroom. Some formative assignments can be done at home and uploaded on Gradebook. All assignments must be made up and submitted on Gradebook by the end of the day Friday; after that point, all missing formatives will become zeros that cannot be overturned. 

On Monday, March 9, a remediation lesson will be given during lunch on "Minister's Black Veil" for those who are wanting to retake the summative test and score better. Mrs. Hicks will read and break down the story for help with comprehension. Retakes will be given during lunch on Wed., March 11. 

Syllabus and Lesson Plans


Class notes, PowerPoints, models, examples, helps