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Pamela Hicks

EnglishTeacher, Literacy Dept.

Welcome to English III

Welcome to English III and English III Hon. If you would like to know what was done in class or what is being planned for class, please consult the "This Week" agenda and "Last Week" Agenda posted in the classroom, or feel free to email me. . Be aware that plans may change due to unexpected situations. Please email me with any questions; I try to answer within 24 hours.


If you would like to receive reminders/notifications on your phone through texting and be able to contact Mrs. Hicks through texting, you will want to join the Remind 101 for your group--English III (4th per.) or Eng. III Hon (all other classes). You will find the instructions on how to join in the Files labeled "Syllabus and Lesson Plans". Be sure you are adding your name to the correct class group. Parents, you are welcome to join the group to which your student belongs as well.

Honors and Regular English III Classes--3rd Quarter

This third quarter we are looking at writings of Americans that reflect the country's wrestle and development of the concepts of independence, freedom, and rights. We begin with seminal texts of The Declaration of Independence and "The Bill of Rights" that were ammended to the U. S. Constitution. From there, we examine these subjects in the themes presented in Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn as well as some poems about America. Our formatives will be building towards the three summatives: (1) a written Personal Declaration of Independence, (2) a test of comprehension and interpretation of Huckleberry Finn, and (3) a Photo Essay that embodies one of the themes we have explored in our literature.

Please refer to posted Lesson Plans and Weekly Powerpoints below if you miss any classes.

Please remember that all formatives must be made up as policy dictates: you have one day to make up assignments missed in class; any assignments with a pre-announced due date are still due on their assigned date, whether or not absences have occurred in between. And if you are absent on a due date, the assignment is due the next day you enter class. Due to the nature of the formative (assessment of what the student knows of content or skill covered by that particular date), formatives cannot be redone for grading purposes. 

If there are summatives that you would like to retake, please see Mrs. Hicks during Office Hours (last 15 min. of lunch, M-Th.) to receive intervention and/or instructions on how to retest on those benchmarks for a better grade.

Huckleberry Finn Schedule for Honors

A schedule for reading the novel and formative work on the novel is in the handouts section below; please refer to it if you are ever absent, and make up the reading and formative work listed as soon as you are able. When formative group work is done in class, it is important that each group member has read all those chapters being analyzed. Also posted below are the worksheets that group members will be completing during their formative assessment days. If you are absent, you can download the worksheet you are scheduled to do for in your group that time. Remeber that all 4 formative group worksheets should eventually be completed by each person  in the group.

Photo Essay Assignment

Our third unit in English III Hon and English III is the Photo Essay Assignment titled "I Hear My America Singing Today". The assignment and rubric are in the Handouts section below. All the necessary paperwork is also in the Handouts section, so if you miss class any during the final weeks of the quarter, you will want to refer to these papers and due dates. While I plan on having computers available in the classroom during the week of Feb. 26th, they may be taken out for testing purposes. I am trying to arrange to get to computers in another location, if needed, so be alert to any last minute notices sent out through Remind 101 which tell you to go somewhere different for class that day.

Remember--if you missed the Huckleberry Finn summative on Friday, Feb. 16th, or you didn't get it completed in class, make sure you come to my classroom during lunch either Tues, Wed., or Thurs., Feb. 20-22nd to get it made up. If this presents a problem for you, be sure to contact me beforehand so we can work something out. After the 22nd, grades will be recorded based on what you have done by then, and a retake will be required after that time. (The retake is not the same test, taken again. It is a different format of evaluating the same standards on the same literature.)

Update: 3/2/18--We have been so blessed to have the laptop computers throughout this week on which to research and compose our Photo Essays. If you know that you have still not completed the work, you still have access to the Photo Essay to refine or complete it before it is graded. However, any lack of proficiency shown on standards after grading will require a redo (retest) and re-grading, which may not get accomplished before report card printing if it occurs after Tuesday, March 6th.