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Petra Ramirez de Arella

Fine Arts Teacher

Welcome to the Art Studio

Taking an art class is very beneficial to our students. Being exposed to multiple art experiences, nutures their fundamental cognitive capacities as spatial reasoning, conditional reasoning, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Creating art engages the students in a meaningful way and makes them become more persistent and willing to take risks. According to research students prosper in self-confidence, self-control, self-identity, conflict resolution, collaboration, empathy and social tolerance. I cannot wait to see what my students will create this year.

Teacher's most recent artworks

Creative Letters for the Media Center

Teaching Artistic Behavior (TAB)

Teaching Artistic Behavior

Teaching Artistic Behavior

I tried to implement some of the characteristics of TAB in my Drawing II class. I switched from traditional teaching an entire class to guiding students to become more independent learners in a small group.  This gave them the opportunity to gain knowledge/skills by doing their own research about one of different topics they could choose from. The first 7 topics were Landscape, Still Life, Portrait, Figure, Perspective, Animals, Plants. I supplied 7 boxes for 7 table groups. Each box contained some books, tools, materials, youtube tutorials and instructions on how to do the research for the powerpoint, practice the technical skills etc. After each group became an expert in their chosen topic, they shared their learning with the class. The next topic group contained different mixed media and different techniques the students had to figure out how to use it. Below you will see the outcome of each table for the mixed media topics/choices.

DeLand Art Festival